Bringing Purpose to Training and Life! 

From growing up on a dairy farm in Iowa there are number of lessons I learned that I have carried over into every aspect of my life.


  1. Strength isn’t an option, it’s a necessity in life.

  2. Take care of your yourself, family, friends, neighbors and the world around you.

  3. From work to play, have a purpose.


From farm kid to an athlete at the high school and college level, to coaching athletes, young adults and senior citizens; and now as a husband and father, I have learned those three lesson are paramount to life and training.


My name is Nilan Lansing. Through my years of growing up on a farm, strength training and coaching, I have learned, anyone can be strong. Furthermore, everyone should be physically strong and feel as though you have a purpose in life.


Training my body for sports is how I became interested in strength. Through my training I realized there was a mental component to being strong, and better at sports and life.


Only after my years of playing sports did I finally realize something was missing, spiritual strength.


Spiritual strength brought purpose to my training, coaching and life. Defining your purpose can transform your life to a life of health, abundance and joy.


Now, my mission is to help you discover your purpose and experience life with abundance, through strength of your body, mind and spirit!


I am a husband to my beautiful wife, Tori. A father of three, Reese and Jude, & Benjamin so I get time is limited and life is busy, which is OK! There is no need to spend hours training every day, you don’t even need a gym membership.


But you need to know, a life of abundance and joy is available for you!


Through strengthening your body, your mind to think clearly and trusting the spirit of God; I have found everyone can live a life of joy and abundance.


From my family to yours, may God’s Strength be your strength!  


Nilan, Tori, Reese, Jude & Benjamin