A Case for Strength

Jesus was strong.

I would go so far as to say he is the epitome of strength.

I know, most people picture Jesus as meek, timid in appearance and in personality. You wouldn’t be wrong to a certain point. However, he knew when to be meek and he knew when to be bold, strong and courageous.

Let’s dive into the strengths of Jesus. Strength is plural because I am talking about total strength; physical, mental, and spiritual.

Physically, Jesus was strong. How do we know? He grew up as the son of a carpenter, Matthew 13:55, there is no way Jesus wasn’t out helping his father. Not only was he helping his father, as Jesus grew older he was most likely doing his own projects.

Also, in Luke Ch. 2, we learn about Jesus as a boy in the temple in Jerusalem. At the end of the chapter in verse 52 we learn, “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor of God and man.” He grew in favor God and man. If you know anything about this world, strong men are favored, weak men are not. I’m not saying Jesus was a bodybuilder by any means but there’s no doubt he was physically strong.

Mentally, Jesus was strong. After being baptized Jesus was lead into the wilderness for forty days and nights. During his stay in the wilderness Jesus wasn’t just having a camp out, he was fasting the entire time.

If you have ever fasted for any period of time with success you know it takes a considerable amount of willpower or mental toughness.

Forty days, though?! Jesus was mentally strong.

Jesus was spiritually strong, also. We can stay with the same time frame, after fasting forty days and nights, the devil comes to tempt Jesus.

Three times the devil tries to trick Jesus and three times the devil fails. Jesus’ spiritual strength, which I would describe as faith and or trust in God’s promises, was stronger than any trick the devil could bring.

Not only at that time but as we follow Jesus through the gospels we see his faith in God’s strength in each miracle, each healing, and each teaching. It is only through faith or spiritual strength can we move mountains (and only a little goes a long way!)

Without even mentioning the last days of Jesus’ life where Jesus was beaten, then still carried his cross, you can see Jesus was strong physically, mentally and spiritually.

There is no doubt in my mind strength is important in our lives and in all areas of our lives!

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