Are You Strong???

It has been my experiences that it is only when one admits a weakness can he/she overcome that weakness, therefore growing stronger.

There is an old saying which comes to mind. “The first step to solving a problem is recognizing a problem exist.”

What physical problem do you have?

Aching joints? Lack of movement in your body? Not able to perform daily task?

Maybe you’re an athlete, are you too weak to perform simple lifts? Get beat in practices or games? Slow?

Are you willing to admit it? Surrender to your weakness to give yourself a chance to get stronger, more able?

What do I mean?

If you believe you are strong “enough,” you won’t work as hard as you need.

If you believe you capable “enough,” you won’t challenge yourself to grow.

To take the words of one of my mentors, Zach Even-esh, “Good enough is the death of greatness”

If you aren’t willing to admit your weakness, you aren’t willing to accept success.

So, I must ask, where do you need help?

How do you want to live a better life?

Get off the hamster wheel of life and start taking steps to move forward.

The first step in admitting you need to take a step.

Now, do it!

Let Me Guide You.

Strength Training Programming

>Develop Full Body Strength

>Create a simpler life by become Strong

Life Coaching

>Need a Vision, a Purpose?

>Overcome any challenges by re-focusing your purpose in Training and Life

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