At the Speed of God

These days time move increasingly fast while projects move increasingly slow.

As I have been working on projects around the house the past weeks I've had time to think how my life has changed over the past couple of years.

Before I was married and had kids, I could work on projects as long as I wanted. Personally, that means getting them done, if at all possible, in the same day.

Back then, (it seems so far away but it really isn't) I could spend all day on something. Get lost in the project, forgetting about time or meals.

Now, I have to time everything out.

Plan when I am going to do this or that. Plan how long I have to do it. Make sure I don't try to do too much at once, so we can still maintain everyday living around the house.

Most of these changes come as part of being a father. And, I will gladly work around my kids schedule any day if it means time with them.

Don't get me wrong. I am still human so there are days I get frustrated when I feel like I should or could be doing something. Especially, I'm not able to because Jude doesn't feel like napping.

But, as I consider these changes and the process of parenting and managing a household I am brought to God as my Father.

I cannot help but smile, shake my head and think, "Oh, how patient you are Father."

I wonder what projects God has had to push back due to my choices over the years. What things He would have been able to accomplish if I would have been more obedient and attentive.

Thankfully, God works everything for our good. And, He has more patience then all of us combined.

What things is God working in your life?

How could you be more attentive to God's will?

No matter how you answer those questions. Know this, God is using each day, each trail, each triumph to continue to bring you closer to Him. And, closer to who He created you to be.

As I continue my journey of surrendering to His will; I will be meditating on this question today, "What do you have for me, Lord?"

Continuing to open my days up for His love, grace, patience and will.

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