More Than A Quick Fix

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

The idea of strength and growing stronger parallels a theme which God has been using for thousands of years.


Rarely, if ever, do we get what we want when we want it.

No, typically, we get what we need when we need it, which allows us to enhance our trust and faith in God.

Strength is no different.

God is a God of process, as I mentioned, rarely do things just happen and change.

God is looking for more than a quick fix.

God is wanting you to experience something greater: love, abundance, joy and salvation in life through him.

Similarly, Strength is a process.

There is no instant fix.

We don't lift one time and increase our strength by 100%.

Nor do we fix a technique in an instant.

We don’t workout one time and all of the sudden we are healthy or cured from our past neglect to our bodies.

Health is a process.

Growing stronger is a process.

They are lifelong journeys.

Even more so, growing stronger is an opportunity to experience life as it was intended by God.

A life of movement, freedom, joy, abundance.

When we are able to move freely we can experience life in a way God intended.

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” Genesis 2:15

We may not be in Eden anymore but we are to work and keep what the Lord has given us, including our bodies.

God wants us to enjoy this life, not that we won't have struggles, but we can experience a piece of the joy God has given us through our bodies and our bodies abilities.

Through movement, both work or play, we can experience our gifts of ability and joy!

It’s a process, it will take time and effort.

And, it won’t be easy, especially if you are just starting.

But through faith and movement you will experience new life!

In God’s Strength,

Coach Lansing


Our bodies and abilities are not even the greatest joy God has given us. Salvation through Jesus Christ is the greatest joy but being able to use our bodies as God intended is a wonderful gift in this life.

You can experience the fullness of joy through the Lord Jesus Christ.

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