Grow Stronger By Doing Nothing

Becoming stronger is a process

Growing stronger, in any of the three areas, takes a certain amount of effort, focus and energy.

If you don't put enough effort into a lift you won't grow.

If you don't focus on the current area you want to grow in you won't grow.

If you don't put time and energy into the area you want to grow in you won't grow either.

I think a lot of us understand this concept. The term, "putting in the work" is one most achievers will have heard and be able to relate to.

Now, what makes strength, whether it is physical, mental or spiritual, an art form is the fact that you can overdue your efforts, your focus and your energy.

There must also be a time for rest.

I have listened to many motivational speakers and successful people talk about always "grinding." Or, always "putting in the work."

Some talk about not sleeping, or doing so much of this and that.

And, for a period that all might be true.

However, that type of effort can only be done for a season of time. Then a rest period has to happen.

Now, I don't mean a period of complete inactivity just a period of slowing down.

There is a reason we have four seasons when it comes to growth in nature.

There is the prep season, the growing season, the harvest and the rest season.

As humans we must follow the laws of nature.

Sorry, let me re-phrase that, "As humans we should follow the laws of nature"

We don't have to follow them but life will be a heck of a lot more stressful when we don't.

Unfortunately, taking a break from all life throws at is becoming more challenging each day.

We are able to just shut devices off and go outside, they stay in our pockets. (I'm guilty of this also most days.)

In recent months there has been an increase of people having to work from home. Increasing the challenge of keeping work at work and focusing on family at home.

But, we must find a way to slow down, to rest and recover our strengths.

Without periods of rest we will be physically exhausted, mentally fried and spiritually defeated.

Tell me, how many of those three are you experiencing now?

For most of us the answer will be two if not all three.


Is this life just a life of constant working and striving?

If so, for what?

Have we not learned from David that all toil is vanity and "a striving after the wind." (Ecclesiastes 2:26)

Does God want us to be constantly working?

Even people doing the Lord's work are finding themselves exhausted, fried and defeated because we have forgotten what is truly important.

God doesn't want a list of achievements and tasks we completed while on this earth.

God wants us. God wants us to be fully alive, healthy, strong and powerful.

In order to live fully alive, healthy, strong and powerful we must put God and his will first.

Now, I get it. I get caught up in my to-do list also.

This is a reminder to me as well. Heck, I started writing this yesterday and then stopped to do stuff. Not necessarily highly important stuff either.

The results were frustration, feeling rushed and disappointment as I kept realizing I had just done what I was telling others not to do.

To experience the life God intended us to live...

...We must pause

...We must spend time in His word

...We must first honor and glorify God through the abilities He has given us.

Heavenly Father, I bring your kingdom and the power of Jesus Christ over my mind, body, and spirit on this day. I pause and surrender all this day has to offer to you and your will. May my thoughts, words and actions honor and glorify you today. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen

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