I'm not dead yet!

Once in a while I find myself asking, "Is all this lifting weights and eating healthy really worth it?"

Thankfully, that question doesn't last very long before it is crushed with a big, "Oh hell ya!"

Now, I fully understand my body wont make the trip to heaven.

And, the workouts I have completed, weights I have lifted wont be remembered when I am gone. Heck, I don't remember 99% of them now, no one else will remember them for sure.

And, of course, eating healthy, positive habits, etc. won't effect much of anything once I am dead.

However, I'm not dead yet! And...

My experience of lifting weights, completing tough workouts, eating healthy and maintaining positive habits isn't about the next life its about this life.

I have learned a lot a of lessons in my 31 years of life but two lessons are irrefutable.

1. Strength gives us the ability to enjoy this life.

2. Salvation through Jesus Christ gives us the ability to enjoy the next life, eternally.

Getting stronger physically has helped to shape who I am today. I am healthier, more confident, and more positive.

Not to mention, I've grown mentally stronger and spiritually through my physical growth.

Most people don't seem to realize the correlation between our physical lives and our spiritual lives.

But, the act of lifting weights to grow stronger is an act of faith in itself.

Similarly, the farmer planting seeds is an act of faith as well. For the farmer can water and nourish the seed but growth comes from God alone.

"So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything,

but only God who gives the growth." 1 Corinthians 3:7

So too, our growth as humans comes from God as well.

Lifting weights and fitness in general can be more than an act of faith.

We can use our physical training as a way to glorify God when we honor him through the abilities He has given us.

To use our strength for the benefit of others is to imitate Jesus Christ who used his body and his life to benefit our lives, eternally.

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