Never Have I Ever...

As a coach and previous athlete of multiple sports I often hear people discuss talents, gifts and abilities of various athletes.

Some past, some present, and some upcoming.

These talks are always interesting because everyone has their own spin on the different talents, gifts and abilities.

Most often the discussions focus around performance. How well a specific athlete is able to perform.

My question is, "How well are you able to perform?"

As father or mother, brother or sister, as a human being?

Most people 30 years and older (give or take) would scoff at the idea of "performance."

Especially when it involves moving their bodies.

Yet, movement, the ability to move and move freely, is one of the greatest gifts and talents God has given us.

We were designed to move.

We were designed to enjoy the earth.

We were designed to enjoy God's gifts.

We were designed to use God's gifts.

Never have I ever created a functional tool and said, "This doesn't work like its supposed but I am sure glad I have it."

No! When I design or buy something I want to be able to use it!

More-over, I experience joy when I am able to use the things I create.

If you and I experience joy from using the things we create. How much more joy does God experience when we use our abilities, talents and gifts?

Certainly, we were all created uniquely.


We are all created in His image.

We are all created with the ability to bend, lift, walk, run, push, pull, grab and carry.

Wouldn't you rather use the body you were given then go through this life wondering what you were created to do?

Unfortunately, these are all abilities we can lose when we don't use them.

Fortunately, God created us with the ability to re-learn them when we lose them, be it from accident or neglect.

Now, let me be clear.

I am not saying you need to build up your strength and power to that of a Division 1 athlete. (but think of all the things you could do!)

However, you should be working to improve your ability to squat, bend at the hips (or hinge), push a weight (even if its your own body weight), pull weights, and carry weights.

As I mentioned, even if its your own body and nothing else, practice these movements!

When you these basic God-given abilities you will honor and glorify God simply by bearing His image!

And let's not forget the joy you will experience from the renewal and resurrection of your body!

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