Present Day Slaves...

This morning as I spent some time in prayer; I was reminded how most people view exercise and health... as a slave.

Most people are trying to validate themselves through their looks via exercise and healthy habits.

I have seen it for years.

People trying to look better for weddings, graduations, their significant other.

I would be lying if I couldn't admit being a slave to these attempts of validation myself.

I attempted to validate myself though sports. And, how do athletes get better at sports?

Lifting, running and practicing.

Nearly 6 years of my life was devoted to sports in one way or another in an attempt to validate who I was or who I thought I wanted to be.

After college I began to see a mirror of how I was a validation slave as I began training and coaching people myself.

Eventually I began to see the bigger picture and realized there was more to life than trying to validate myself through my physical appearance or performance.

However, I was losing hope for most of the people that asked me to train them because I couldn't get them to see the bigger picture.

I couldn't get them to see things from a different light. Partly due to the fact that I was just beginning to see it myself.

With that being said... We don't have to be slaves to our looks or even to validation itself.

There is a way to enjoy exercising.

There is a way to enjoy and appreciate who we are and how we look today, tomorrow and the rest of our lives.

There is a way to enjoy life. Even in the hard times.

The way is love.

Stay with me for a moment.

Instead of thinking about exercising, eating healthy or even work and hobbies as something we must do to be accepted. Or even as a way to accept ourselves.

What if we did those things as a way to honor God? Honor God for creating us the way we have been created.

With thanks for the abilities and opportunities we have been given. As well as the things we aren't able to do and opportunities we missed which led to something better.

Some of us haven't taken care of the bodies, minds or souls as well as we could have been thus far. I am guilty of this as well.


God has never asked you to be perfect.

He only asks you to walk with Him, loving Him through the abilities and opportunities you have today.

Let's stop and ask ourselves "why" we do some of things we do. The truth may hurt.

You will begin to realize there are objects, activities and maybe even people you need to let go of. Those objects, activities and people are only in your life to "validate" who you think you are or who you think you want to be.

But, the truth is that God is the only validation we need.

Your existence alone is prove of God's love for you.

How can we honor God's love?

By taking care of what He has given you.

Your life. Body, mind and soul.

You are no longer a slave.

You have been set free!

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