Strength. What's The Point??

I will be honest, I enjoy strength training.

Challenging myself, building myself up and becoming strong physically and mentally.

But, what's the point?

Yes, I want to look good for my wife. Yes, I don't want to be sick all the time. Yes, I want to think I can live a long life because I exercise.

But, Is that all the more reason I have to be strong?

Absolutely not. Don't get me wrong those are great reasons to get strong.

However, I am to continue growing stronger there has to be more. More than looks, more than health, more than life itself.

My purpose for growing stronger is service.

Service to my God, my family and my friends.

Why service you ask?

This life is full of variables and uncontrollable events.

For example, my "looks" can be altered, my health can go down the toilet and my life can end in a heart beat (or the simple stopping of).

Again, we ask, whats the point? If it can all change in an instant why even try?

Because that is the only thing you have control. Your thoughts, words and actions.

The real questions become how did you use your God-given abilities?

-Are you serving yourself or others?

-Are you supporting yourself or others?

-Are you strengthening just yourself or people around you?

Because when you are on your death it won't matter how much you lifted, gained or accomplished.

Only how you help the people in your life.


Let Me Guide You.

Strength Training Programming

>Develop Full Body Strength

>Create a simpler life by become Strong

Life Coaching

>Need a Vision, a Purpose?

>Overcome any challenges by re-focusing your purpose in Training and Life

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