The Beginning of Everything

What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?

Whatever it was, you thought was followed by a choice

Inevitably, we must make choices.

The choice to get out of bed or stay in bed a little longer.

The choice to eat or skip breakfast.

The choice of what we listen to or watch while we prepare for our day.

Choices are constant.

We must choose to how we want to live.

We must choose our faith, our values and what we are willing to stand for.

We must choose between our wants and our needs.

We must choose between what we actually want and what society tells us we want.

Choice is the beginning of our strength.

Or, our weakness.

We can choose if we want to care about ourselves or others.

We can choose how we want to care for ourselves or others.

How we decide to live in this moment will be a reflection of our day, our lives and our legacies.

Choice is the beginning of everything.

It was in the beginning when God created the world.

It was a choice by God, which became the beginning of you and I.

It was the choice of God's love to give us the freedom to choose the salvation offered to us through Jesus Christ.

The choice is now ours to make.

Will you choose to love or fear.

Will you choose to live as shepherds or sheep?

Will you choose to provide and protect our ourselves, our loved ones, our ability to choose?

I know what choice I have made and will continue to make each day.

The question for you is; what will you choose?

Strength or weakness?

Love or fear?

To lead by example or ask others to lead your life and your family?

The choice is yours, choose wisely.

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