“Those people...”

Ever notice “those people” who seem to have unlimited energy?

“Those people“ with happiness and joy, which seems to be flowing out of them, almost never ending?

“Those people“ with vibrant skin tones and healthy looking physiques?

Yes, you have undoubtly noticed them.

Be it in the supermarket, at work or while you‘re just out running errands.

“Those people” seemed to have harnessed an unnatural, secret power from God himself.

Well, in all honesty.

It is from God but it’s no secret and it‘s definitely a natural power.

In fact, it’s so natural it is the essence of life.

So natural, nature itself thrives or dies through it.

A power ingrained in our being at birth.

A power so grand it extends life to those who have harnessed it.

What is this natural power??


Through movement energy is created. In energy is life with movement. Life without movement is death.

Movement is the the essence of life.

Through movement;

animals survive,

plants thirve,

Children develop,

adults gain life.

Through movement and energy from the sun to plants, transfered through animals and humans alike and then to others through our actions.

Life is expressed through movement.

”Those people” who have chosen to move their body’s through work, play and exercise are harnessing this natural, God given power and energy.

Expressing love, praise and worship to the creator while enjoying life‘s abundance in the everyday life.

How are you expressing your life today?

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