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Updated: Feb 22, 2020

At some point we all ask ourselves, "Why am I here?"

We will ask this for a specific event such as a job or party.

We will also ask this about our lives as a whole?

Why am I here?

Let me first ask you this, "What does your heart tell you about the event, about your life?"

When you think about the job you are at does your heart feel uplifted or weighted down?

When you think about your life, your current situation and future, does your heart feel uplifted or weighted down?

Our destiny has been written on our hearts.

"Follow your heart," isn't just a saying. It's a clue!

A clue to your purpose and the plans God has for you!

Our heart is a compass pointing us to our True North, our destiny.

When we know our True North we will be able to navigate this life with more precision and focus than ever before.

When we follow our hearts we will find hope for our future around every bend in our journey.

In our fast paced world of technology, haves and have not's we seem to lose our heart.

Some lose it while others simple abandon it in order to keep up with the superficial way of life we live.

For us to follow our heart we must slow down and read the compass. Like an actual compass, you're not going to be able to read your heart if you are moving too fast.

We must slow down if we are to follow our hearts on the journey God has destined for us.

Another reason to slow down is simply to identify obstacles and stepping stones.

Each bend in the journey will present an obstacle, a new challenge.

How you view and approach that obstacle determines whether it will become a stepping stone or remain an obstacle.

Whether you choose to find your purpose and follow your heart is your choice.

Now this, God has written it on your heart. God is waiting for you to walk the journey with Him.

No matter how far you have gone down the wrong path, God is always one step away.

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